KuanguKuangu Luxury Cabin in Sossusvlei Namibia
KuanguKuangu Luxury Cabin Sossusvlei Namibia Private Desert Lodgings Accommodations

Contact: Olivier Luciani

Guestrooms: 1 (for 2 persons only)

Address: Solitaire area

Postal Address: Kuangukuangu Luxury Cabin, Barchan Dune Retreat, P.O. Box 9679, Windhoek, Eros, Namibia

Activities/Attractions: Namibia is one of the least populated countries in the world (1.5 inhabitants/km²) and shares borders with Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. To the visitor, it is one of the most magical countries on this planet.

Because of its geological richness, its diversity, and its landscapes seemingly of another age, Namibia is an unclassifiable destination. The mixture of African, Dutch, English and German cultures add to its charm.

The Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world, is strewn with gorges and canyons, among others Sesriem and Kuiseb canyons. The colours of the dunes, especially at sunrise and sunset, the harmony and uniqueness of so many places, make it a must to spend some time in the Namib desert for anyone who truly wishes to discover Namibia.

Only a few kilometres from KuanguKuangu lies the NamibRand Nature Reserve, near the famous Sossusvlei dunes. This reserve is the fourth biggest private nature reserve in the world.

KuanguKuangu is surrounded by a mountain range, a veritable natural geological marvel (gigantic rocks shaped by the climactic changes), which you can explore on foot (the dry river bed passes just behind). These rocky formations will reveal stunning and eccentric surprises to the attentive observer.

We can also organize your complete holidays trip in Namibia, from Europe or Africa, depending on what you wish and what you want to do (we provide all travel services, a la carte self-drive tours, including flights, accommodation in Namibia, lodges, camping site, car reservations). Please contact us for more information.

"Here we found the true values: spirituality, sensibility and love for the little things. Thank you very much."

"Staying at Kuangukuangu is much like being in a painting, even more exiting because colours change continuously. One would not believe such a beautiful, scenic place to exist on our planet, until one sees it with ones own eyes."

 "Thanks for offering other people the pleasure of sharing your secluded home away."

"Un endroit unique au monde, au milieu de nulle part et si près des étoiles! Indéniablement le plus beau souvenir de notre voyage en Namibie. Merci pour ces instants magiques qui resteront à jamais gravés dans nos mémoires."

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KuanguKuangu Luxury Cabin Sossusvlei Namibia

KuanguKuangu Luxury Cabin Sossusvlei Namibia Bedroom

KuanguKuangu Luxury Cabin Sossusvlei Namibia Desert

KuanguKuangu Luxury Cabin Sossusvlei Namibia Dining

KuanguKuangu Luxury Cabin Sossusvlei Namibia Sunset

KuanguKuangu Luxury Cabin Sossusvlei Namibia Bedroom View

"Merci beaucoup de nous avoir permis de vivre ce moment unique."

"Chi cerca energie, le trovera qui."

"After two weeks in Namibia, one of the most private and inspiring highlights!"

General Information: The main characteristic of KuanguKuangu Luxury Cabin is the diversity of the different desert landscapes in the region of Sossusvlei, Namibia. The great expanses of sand and the rocky plains alternate with endless areas of savannah grass, majestic mountain ranges, and patches of vegetation which surround the stretches of bright red sand.

Situated in the peaceful solitude of an idyllic valley, in the heart of the desert, KuanguKuangu is the ideal place for travellers who seek tranquility and intimacy. Nestled in a dune, KuanguKuangu makes it possible for its occupants to live in harmony with nature, at the same time offering them comfort, luxury, adventure and relaxation.

  • one main room, which opens out towards the valley, and is centered around a bed
  • you can enjoy at leisure both sun up and sun down on the Barchan dunes
  • simple and uncluttered, the bedroom with a spectacular view is an oasis of quietness and inspiration
  • behind this main room are the bathroom and the kitchen, built around a rock in perfect harmony with the natural environment
  • this open-air part of KuanguKuangu offers a panoramic view of the mountains situated behind KuanguKuangu during daytime or of the starry heaven as soon as night has fallen (the Namib desert is reputedly the best place in Southern Africa to observe the stars)
  • drinkable running water
  • hot water available thanks to the "donkey" system used by Namibian farmers (water is heated by wood fire)
  • stove as well as all the necessary cooking equipment in the kitchen
  • braai (barbecue) outside

It is neither a lodge, nor a hotel. KuanguKuangu is a unique structure, an exclusive accommodation in Namibia, and was designed for a maximum of two people (if you are more, you might be able to find accommodation for the others of your group at the guest farm "Barchan Dune" situated at five minutes walking distance from KuanguKuangu.

Payment Accepted: Cash and transfer payment only, to be paid in N$ or in euros.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros).


The optional activities (meals at the farm, farm-drive, safari, treks on camel-back etc.) are not included in this tariff; they are all available through Willem and Hannetjie and are subject to availability.

"It's wonderful to be independent in a real home. The mountains change colour as the sun moves. And to sit and watch the transformation is a privilege; we are honoured to have witnessed this."

"La réalité de Kuangukuangu dépasse nos espérances. On aurait aimé rester plus longtemps."