Genesis Eco-Oasis Retreat in Ek Balam Mexico
Genesis Eco-Oasis Retreat Ek Balam Yucatan Mexico Cultural Mayan Cabanas Lodgings Accommodations

Host: Lee Christie

Cabanas: 8

Address: Genesis Eco-Oasis, Ek Balam, Yucatan, Mexico

Telephone: 519 351-6725 (in Canada),
Mobile: 011 52 985 101 0277,
Hotel Cell: 011 52 985 852 79 80

Activities/Attractions: Experience the richness of Yucatan's ecological heritage: cycle, swim, bird-watch, hike, explore cenotes or just lounge in a garden hammock. The gardens at Genesis are designed to attract butterflies and wild birds, while fishponds and aviaries provide additional opportunities to observe fish and rescued birds native to the area.

Part of a small Mayan community, we provide guests with non-intrusive opportunities to get to know the people of Ek Balam, practice Spanish or learn Mayan. Our Genesis "family" includes local workers who are conscientious, caring, and welcoming.

We offer tours to the homes of our extended family where we are taught about the importance of corn, how to make tortillas from scratch, how huipiles are embroidered and how to weave hammocks. These paid tours help the host families and validates their traditional knowledge.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of being at Genesis is our proximity to an archaeological site steeped in mystery. We are 300 meters from Ek Balam, once the political and spiritual heart of the Yucatan. Older, and once more powerful than Chichen Itza, its acropolis is one of the largest prehispanic buildings (by volume) in meso-America. It is a recommended stop for anyone intrigued by archaeology and ancient civilizations.

The village of Ek Balam is renown for its handmade hammocks that can be purchased directly from craftsmen. We contribute to our community in a number of ways, from creating jobs to promoting low-impact tourism, animal care education and spay and neuter clinics. We have been involved in the construction of a local playground and have contributed about 100 hours in free English classes for local children. During the off- season we also provide free food and accommodation for participants in special projects at Genesis or in the community.

"We recommend the Cenote Safari, we saw 5 cenotes, each quite different from the other, one with a pool of crystal water in a huge cavern, another like a deep well in the jungle. We loved the artisans tour of 3 Mayan homes and learned how to make tortillas from scratch; how to weave a hammock and how huipiles are embroidered."

"Just like the Mexico I remember from 40 years ago: magical garden, buying directly from families who make the art, and ruins one can actually sit on and feel."

"We came for 4 nights and stayed for 7. What a special place and we feel lucky to have found you. The pueblo is very special, the people wonderful and we enjoyed the visits to their homes and the uncrowded ruins of Ek Balam."

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Genesis Eco-Oasis Ek Balam Yucatan Mexico

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General Information: Genesis Eco-Oasis Retreat in the Yucatan of Mexico was built with nature and animal lovers in mind. Its lush gardens include fish-stocked ponds, waterfalls and a cenote fed swimming pool. Indigenous and hybrid plants and flowers attract an array of birds and butterflies and provide a haven for a number of rescued birds including two species of Amazon parrots. Our delightful, well-mannered cat and dogs also help visitors feel more than welcome!

With the jungle and ancient ruins of Ek Balam on one side of us and a small Mayan community on the other it is only 25 minutes by bus or taxi from Valladolid and 35 minutes from Chichen Itza.

  • Most of our customers come here for tranquility and authentic cultural experience in a comfortable, home-like environment
  • The cabanas are thoughtfully designed and private with stucco construction and naturally cool thatch roofs
  • All are screened and have ceiling or floor fans
  • 8 thoughtfully designed private cabanas
  • Low chemical, bio-filtered swimming pool
  • Pressurized hot water showers, outdoor "eco-showers"
  • Coffee Shop, restaurant, book exchange (8am-8pm)
  • Traditional/regional and vegetarian menus
  • Mountain bikes to explore nearby villages, cenotes and caves
  • Nearby natural attractions (Chichen Itza, Cenote Dzitnup, Caribbean beaches, Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve) cultural, archaeological or recreational tours

Genesis Ek Balam promotes methods of development and intercultural exchange that are not only low impact but also contribute to the preservation and appreciation of nature and traditional lifestyles.

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in US Dollars).


"Quite a discovery! I will never forget waking up here in the midst of bird song and cocks crowing: sheer magic for a city girl like me."

"Coming to your small heaven I found peace and inspiration."

"Thank you so much for being a healing oasis in the final stage of my Mexico trip. I've learned more here in 2 days than my previous 12 in the usual vacation spots."

"Thank you for making this marvellous paradise to ... escape the urban rush. This place is next to paradise. We will be back."

"A little bit of paradise. Loved hanging with the animals and the night sounds were awesome. Your sense of community and service is inspiring."