Ka'ana Boutique Luxury Resort in Cayo District Belize
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Contact: Joanna Evans

Guestrooms: 2

Address: Mile 69¼ Western Highway, Cayo District, Belize, Central America

Postal Address: P.O. Box 263, San Ignacio Town, Belize, Central America

Telephone: Toll Free (USA): 1-877-522-6221,
Direct reservations: (501) 824 0430,
Hotel: (501) 824 3350

Fax: (501) 824 2041

Activities/Attractions: Ka’ana Boutique Resort has made touring Belize and the Cayo District very comfortable and accessible. Our great location on the paved road system (refer to our maps section) means no unnecessary bumpy roads, pre and post tour. Excellent guides have been hand picked to ensure that each journey is memorable, fun, educational and lives up to your expectations.

Western Belize is the heart of inland adventure in Belize. However, after climbing temples, discovering cave systems, swimming in pristine rivers, we believe that your reward should be wonderfully comfortable in-room amenities, world class cuisine and a generous choice of great wines from around the world.

If you simply prefer a day of rest and relaxation then visit our infinity pool where service is always close at hand or enjoy some pampering from a broad selection of spa and wellness treatments, which are offered in our day spa rooms.

One of our unique features is a well-kept organic garden where guests can don Wellington boots and choose their own vegetables and herbs for dinner. We call it “from garden to plate” and our guests have come to expect truly fresh ingredients as the foundation for Chef Sean Kuylen's inspired culinary creations.

Whether you are planning a small escape for two or a full scale destination wedding, Ka’ana is able to help you make your event and stay a once in a lifetime experience.

"I want to thank the wonderful staff for planning my days and getting great guides. I want to thank Sean for a really unbeatable culinary experience. We are a critical culinary family, but Sean blew us away!"

"5 Thumbs up. All good and excellent staff. I felt at home here. Thank you so much."

"Great beds, food, and massages. Nice to come back after touring. Wonderful service and great Martinis."

"Thank you so much for a very wonderful stay with such excellent hospitality. After Punta Gorda, Placencia, Hopkins, Dangriga and San Pedro (including some great resorts) this was the very best of my stay in Belize and the bed was wonderful."

"It’s a wonderful experience, the service is superb and the accommodations are top notch! Proud to be able to say we can offer this type of accommodation in Belize. Thanks for your kind hospitality."

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"Thanks so much for an amazing stay! The staff was great and the service top notch. Thanks again!"

"Thank you to everyone! Amazing place, beautiful, and great service. Can’t wait to come back!"

General Information: Welcome to Ka'ana Boutique Luxury Resort ... Belize's first small luxury hotel of the world and the only choice for discerning travelers. Conveniently located near all major touring attractions in the Cayo District of Belize, Ka'ana is now widely regarded locally and internationally as the premier resort in Western Belize; offering a level of personalized service and amenities never before realized in this region. With nearby cultural, historical and eco-adventure attractions, guests can utilize Ka'ana as an ultra-luxurious and exclusive out-post.

In 2007, it's first year of business, Ka'ana became the first recipient of a new award given by the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary of Belize. From over 600 tourism businesses we were chosen as the Tourism Employer of the Year, and we take that as a direct credit to the hard work and dedication put in by our team.

  • An enormous amount of care and attention went into the planning and design of our Belize accommodations
  • Our designers were conscious of the fact that our guests, while here to enjoy inland adventure and the cultural diversity of Belize, appreciate the conveniences they have come to expect in the world's premier resorts
  • Ka'ana is truly Belizean inspired in its décor and there are tributes to local craftsmen in all areas of the resort
  • Local artist, Jorge Landero, was commissioned to convey the spirit of the Maya in the wall art
  • The Art in your room will be changed on the 4th night of your stay in an attempt to expose you to even more  of these local masterpieces
  • Elmer Panti hand crafted all the slate work, including the restaurant coasters, which are yet another example of how skilled the local craftsmen truly are
  • We are confident that you will enjoy being immersed in the colors, textures, fabrics, and creations of Belize's most skilled artisans and that you will appreciate the subtle homage we pay to our history and culture
  • Come join us soon to experience the best Belize accommodations that San Ignacio resorts or hotels have to offer

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"Incredible chef - super friendly staff - beautiful room - Do I have to go?"

The best vacation we have ever taken.... The pristine grounds were exquisite, the food was first class, accommodations were comfortable, private and immaculately taken care of. ... I would highly recommend this resort to anyone."

"Beautiful place and great staff! We will tell all our friends to go to Ka’ana. You need to get the word out."

"Awesome, amazing, naturally, gorgeous, and always full of fun."