Tirana Apartments in Albania
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Hosts: Elton Caushi

Accommodations: 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds and one double matrimonial in each.

Address: Tirana, Albania

Telephone: +355 (0) 68 405 85 29

Activities/Attractions: Tirana is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Albania. It was founded in 1614 by Sulejman Pasha and became Albania's capital city in 1920. It lies almost exactly midway between Rome and Istanbul, and its architecture has been influenced by both, as well as by the Soviet Union.

Most visitors to Tirana begin at Skënderberg Square, a great open space in the heart of the city. Mt Dajti, 1612m (5030 ft) rises to the east, and the market on that side of town is well worth exploring. The main cultural and artistic institutions of Tirana are the National Theater, The Theater of Opera and Ballet, The Estrada Theater, the Ensemble of Folk Music and Dances, and others. The National Library together with three other important libraries function here, including seven specialized libraries.

We could plan your Albanian trip together according to your personal interests. Nearby you can have a look at the sites, regions and activities that we recommend and we can discuss together. Nevertheless we’re proposing some eventual itineraries and you can choose any of them, depending on the time and budget at your discretion.

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General Information: Welcome to Tirana Apartments ... where we’re managing some very nice and comfortable little apartments, situated in the very heart of traditional Tirana, Albania ... next to the new business and administrative centres of the town and to the nightlife area. It takes 25 minutes drive to get to us from the Rinas airport, 45 minutes from the harbour of Durres, ten minutes walk from the Tirana Train Station and five minutes walk to the Skanderbeg main square of Tirana.

We’re working on building a family business, in the area of ecotourism, trying to offer ideas and services to people that want to visit the Balkans and specially Albania. We’re active in the low-cost hospitality and hotels since 15 years now and we’re eager to put our experience and knowledge to your service.

  • our flats offer air conditioned temperature
  • one double and one single bed
  • TV
  • comfortable toilets and shower
  • refrigerator
  • balcony with a very interesting view on the characteristic old houses of the town
  • taxi service
  • parking facilities

Panorama Room features: 1 double bed, 1 single bed, modern toilet and shower, air conditioning, TV, view on traditional Tirana houses and gardens.

Mirror Dream Room features: 1 double bed, 1 single bed, modern toilet and shower, air conditioning and TV.

Shops, restaurants and internet cafés, traditional markets are situated all around the place. While being situated in the Centertown, their position avoids you the pain of noise and pollution of traffic.

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros).

€20/night/1 person
€25/night/2 persons
€30/night/3 persons

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