Willow House in Mobile Newfoundland
Willow House Mobile Avalon Peninsula Newfoundland Country Cottage Rental Lodgings Accommodations

Host: Tor Fosnaes

Guestrooms: 3

Address: Mobile, Newfoundland, Canada

Telephone: 709-334-2860,
UK customers call toll free: 0-871-871-0750

Activities/Attractions: The Southern Shore is the easternmost coast of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. Settled regularly since the mid 1600's, the population now consists of mid 19th century Irish and English families mixed with modern settlers.

You can walk the coastlines between communities using the East Coast Trail from St. John's to Cape Race and Trepassey. Willow House is on Cod Seine Cove Road which is part of the trail. For motorists, a day-trip around the Irish Loop (Routes 10 and 90) is a must.

Many of Newfoundland's 300 bird species visit Willow House feeders during the year. Rabbits are common around the garden on sunny mornings and, every now and then, a moose will visit. Bald eagles, ospreys, peregrine falcons, sharp-shinned, and other small hawks are seen regularly.

Seabird sanctuary islands offshore Mobile Bay are the summer home for millions of puffins, guillemots, terns, kittiwakes, and gulls. Three kinds of trout,  two kinds of char, and salmon are angled near Mobile.

The Avalon Caribou grounds are a brief drive away. But, if for nothing else, come for the whales! Every summer humpbacks, minkes, pilots, and porpoises inhabit Mobile Bay.

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Willow House Mobile Avalon Peninsula Newfoundland

Willow House Mobile Avalon Peninsula Newfoundland Living Room

Willow House Mobile Avalon Peninsula Newfoundland Bedroom

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Mobile Avalon Peninsula Newfoundland

General Information: Willow House is a completely renewed and furnished 3-bedroom, 2-storey, country cottage in Mobile, Newfoundland ... thirty minutes from downtown St. John's. We are open from 01 April - 30 October.

Mobile is located on the Avalon Peninsula of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, 32 km along Highway 10 south of the Village Mall in St. John's. Mobile is 10 km south of the town of Bay Bulls, between the town of Witless Bay and the community of Tors Cove, on the shores of Mobile Bay, and in the Mobile River valley. Offering private, quiet, clean, country comfort, our beds are covered with goosedown duvets and housekeeping is included.

  • full kitchen appliances
  • electric heat and hot water
  • fully furnished
  • bed linens
  • satellite television
  • barbecue
  • dishes
  • sleeps five adults
  • ample parking area
  • very quiet neighbours
  • extremely quiet road without through traffic
  • enjoy whale, bird, and iceberg boat tours
  • go sea kayaking
  • walk along coastal trails
  • visit local historic sites and museums
  • Mobile Bay teems with whales all summer long - so close you can hear them breathe

Payment Accepted: Cash only.

Rates: (Prices quoted in CAD Dollars).


Housekeeping included. Please enquire about other arrangements.